Pictures of Cadiz



Vista panorámica de Cádiz desde el puente de Carranza

Access to Cadiz from José León de Carranza bridge offers this beautiful view over the bay.


Torre de Puntales

On the left, the dry dock of Navantia facilities in Puerto Real. On the right, the Puntales tower. It is a 156 meters high pylon. In front of it, across the bay is its partner, the Matagorda tower, 160 meters high.


Torre Puntales y torre Matagorda

This image shows Puntales and Matagorda towers. The distance between them is 1,650 meters away.


Puertas de Tierra.


Ayuntamiento de Cádiz

Plaza de San Juan de Dios.  Cadiz City Council.

Idem. Night view.

Catedral nueva. Fachada

New Cathedral. Facade.


New Cathedral. Towers and dome.


Cathedral Square. Left in the background, the city of El Puerto de Santa María.


Crypt of the new cathedral. Tomb of Manuel de Falla.


NW panoramic view from the cathedral. You can see the Post Office, the Tavira Tower, the Falla theater and the oblique tower of the Technology Center of Cadiz. Right in the background, the town of Rota.



SE panoramic view from the cathedral.


Plaza de las Tortugas. At the bottom, the building of the Provincial Government.


Plaza de España

Plaza de España. Monument to the Constitution of 1812.


Plaza de España. Monument to the Constitution of 1812.


Plaza de España. Monument to the Constitution of 1812. Detalle.


Plaza de España. Jardines.

Plaza de España. Gardens surrounding the monument to the 1812 Constitution.



Puerto de Cádiz.


Plaza de Sevilla.


Puerto de Cádiz. Retrospective image of the year 2000. In the background you can see the building of the Provincial Government in the colors of that time.


Alameda amanecer

Alameda Apodaca. Dawn.


Alameda Apodaca.


Alameda Apodaca

Baluarte de la Candelaria.


Museo Arqueológico

Museo de Cádiz. Located in the leafy Plaza Mina, exhibits magnificent pieces that testify the three millennia long history of the city of Cadiz. Among others, here are two anthropoid sarcophagi of over 2,400 years


Rectorado de la Universidad de Cádiz. Located in "calle Ancha".


Plaza de San Antonio

Plaza de San Antonio.


Plaza de San Antonio. Iglesia de San Antonio.


Teatro Falla

Gran Teatro Falla. Venue of the competition of carnival groups.


Oratorio San Felipe Neri

Oratorio San Felipe Neri. In this building the Cadiz Parliament met to enact the Constitution of 1812. The sessions were held from February 24, 1811 until September 14, 1813. Although previously the sessions took place in Isla de Leon, the current San Fernando, from September 24, 1810 to February 20, 1811.


Oratorio San Felipe Neri. This side is located at the confluence of the streets of San Jose and Santa Inés.


Oratorio San Felipe Neri. Plaque commemorating the centennial.


Castillo de San Sebastián. Vista desde el baluarte de Los Mártires

Castillo de San Sebastián. View from the ground of the Martyrs.


Castillo de San Sebastián. View from the beach of La Caleta.


Entrada al castillo de San Sebastián

Castillo de San Sebastián. Entrance.





Castillo de San Sebastián. Baluarte.





Paseo de Fernando QuiñonesIn the background, the castle of San Sebastian.


Castillo de San Sebastián. South Side.


Paseo Fernando Quiñones

Sunset on the ride Fernando Quiñones.


Balneario de Nuestra Señora de la Palma y del Real. Caleta Beach.


Castillo de Santa Catalina. Sunset.


Playa de la Victoria. Sports at sunset.

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